MINKE WHALE (Balaenoptera acutorostrata)

The minke whale is the most abundant species of whale seen in the inshore waters of Scotland and is the focus of Sea Life Survey’s research. It reaches lengths of up to 10m (32ft) although lots of smaller juvenile whales are seen within our survey area. They have a pointed head, two blowholes, a small curved dorsal fin and white bands on their pectoral fins.

Minke whales return to the Hebrides every spring to spend the summer feeding on the plentiful fish in the area. Their feeding behaviour is spectacular to watch as they lunge from the water with their mouths open to scoop up the fish. In the winter they migrate south to warmer waters to breed.

KILLER WHALE (Orcinus orca)

This very distinctive whale with its dramatic black and white markings are only occasionally seen around Mull. The killer whale reaches lengths of 9m (30ft) and have a single blowhole and tall dorsal fins. The males have taller fins at about 1.9m (6ft) compared to females and juveniles.

When we do see killer whales we encounter the same family group which contains two very distinctive males John Coe and Floppy fin.

Minke whales and porpoises are sighted on over 96% of our whale-watching trips!



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